Apple Glass details leak out, support short-sighted LiDAR...

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Apple Glass details leak out, support short-sighted LiDAR...

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Apple Glass details leak out, support short-sighted LiDAR iPhone connections


Another product that is waiting for Apple to launch is "smart glasses", which is currently no other company has made it possible. Jon Prosser has revealed more details of the smart glasses to know about it.


- Apple smart glasses will use the market name "Apple Glass" without es
- Starting at $ 499, or about 15,900 baht. Compatible with lenses for people with vision problems such as near-sightedness But there is an additional cost
- There will be a screen showing up on both lenses Operate by using gestures
- Glasses support connection with iPhone
- The prototype now has a LiDAR sensor or a sensor for measuring depth-shallow depth of field And supports wireless charging
- Expected to launch at the end of 2021 or early 2022.

Jon reports that Apple plans to launch under the slogan "One More Thing", the immense word of Steve Jobs that creates buzz, because it means ultra-modern products like when the Apple Watch was released, which Apple uses One More Thing. Likewise

For the iPhone launch event this year, Jon adds that Apple has postponed the launch date from the September launch, as every year. Instead went to October due to the coronary epidemic problem

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